Jewelry Repair for Boise

If you, like most of us, have plastic baggies of broken jewelry sitting on your dresser, the Ugly Bead is here to help. I offer two repair services. You can chose the “Just Fix it For Me Please” option, where I fix what’s broken – whether that means restringing, rewrapping, or reinforcing; basically whatever it takes. Or, you can opt for the “I Wanna Learn” route where we schedule 1-2 hours of consultation and I teach you the basics of how to fix your own jewelry (usually crimping or other ending techniques), and together we fix your jewelry during the session.

Both options are preceded by a consultation where we discuss the details of each item and I give you a price estimate. A simple restringing is generally $7 every quarter hour, plus materials. Private consultations are $35/hr plus materials.


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